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A Moment for Music Pursuers


In 2012, with the support of SACEM and SPEDIDAM, Tout Pour la Musique (TPMC) initiated a project called “Création du Répertoire Contemporain Erhu - La contemporanéité d’instrument traditionnel d’Extrême-Orient en Extrême-Occident” in Paris. Featuring the erhu artist Wang Ying-Chieh, the project involves erhu commissions, concerts of international musicians, and an education plan aimed at introducing the Eastern instrument to conservatories in the West.
In 2011 and 2012, three forums were held to introduce erhu—an Eastern instrument which the Western composers are usually unfamiliar with—and its classic repertoire to the contemporary music composers in Paris. From 2012 to 2016, nine erhu pieces were created through commission. The compositions were staged in collaboration with musicians and ensembles of contemporary music from France, Germany, America, and Taiwan. Courses were also offered in music academies in addition to participation in a number of contemporary music festivals in Europe. Eight concerts and eight forums have been held in five cities and four countries till 2016.
The commissioners range from French music academies to Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Lyon (CNSMDL), from small theatres in Paris to Hamburg, and from modern art galleries to art festivals in Europe; the commissioned artists include Chinese-French composer Tian Leilei, Columbian composer Juan Camilo Hernandez Sanchez (CNSMDP, IRCAM), and French composer Richard Perrin (CNSMDL). Musicians include guitarist Christelle Séry and Rémi Jousselme, pianist Jennifer Hymer, accordionist Fanny Vicens and Pierre Cussac.
This concert will premiere three original erhu compositions co-produced by TMI (Taiwan Music Institute) and TPMC, an international partner of TMI’s “Master, Disciple, and Partner Project,” in addition to several new erhu pieces. The concert will take place at Forum Music, which is a significant venue for the project. At Forum Music in December 2013, TPMC staged the Taiwan premiere of several contemporary pieces which had been performed in Paris. As required by TPMC, the concert had no intermission, and all stage design and lightings had to respect the flow of music for a satisfying listening experience. The performers for that concert included Wang Ying-Chieh, the guitarist Rémi Jousselme, and accordionist Pierre Cussac. Today’s concert will follow the same principle and the design of programs will be based on the form of Continuum, in which visual elements are included as a support.
This premiere production will be brought to Paris at the end of May and will tour Germany in fall.