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Counterpoint Ensemble

In music, counterpoint is the harmonious combination of two or more independent melodies that each retains its individual character. Established in 1997 by Kaohsiung-based pianist Liang Kung-ling, Counterpoint Ensemble has brought together many musicians who are committed to expanding the audience for classical music in southern Taiwan.
Counterpoint Ensemble is best known for producing dual-themed performance series, such as the presentation of fairytales through chamber music and musical drama, or intimate chamber music concerts. Their utilization of cross-sector elements result in refined, diverse, and crafted artistic performances of both western and Taiwanese compositions. The troupe is particularly devoted to nurturing new generations of music enthusiasts, often drawing from different fields to create classical music concerts tailored for children. From 2010 through 2007, Counterpoint Ensemble performed its child-centric series at the Kaohsiung Spring Festival of Music and Arts for seven consecutive years. It has also brought similar productions to Tainan and Taipei’s National Theater and Concert Hall.
Its recent productions include Sing in Spring, which features Russian soprano Anna Virovlansky, and Bunya Koh and His Two Wives, a chamber opera by Taiwanese composer Lee Tzyy-Sheng. Bunya Koh was nominated for Taishin Arts Award, well-received at the 2013 Tainan Arts Festival, and covered by Japan’s Mostly Magazine. Counterpoint Ensemble has also performed in Taichung as part of the 2012 MSC Hsinchu Arts Festival and in China as part of the 2015 Beijing Arts Festival. It has recently completed a tour to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Zhongshan in China.

Clarinet/Kao Chen-Yin
Viola/Lin Chieh-Yu
Cello/Chen Shih-Lin