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Music, Circus, Electronic Vibe

L'Instant Donné、Jéróme Thomas、Bernard Revel、IRCAM

As a Paris-based ensemble with a history of fifteen years, L'Instant Donné offers some of the best interpretations of contemporary music. For its first visit to Taiwan, L'Instant Donné will stage a music carnival mixing technology, sound art, and circus performance. The ensemble will collaborate with the French master juggler Jérôme Thomas to present French composer Henry Fourès’s Del Dos Principis, a crossover piece blending circus performance, ensemble music and technology. The performance will combine music and body moment, with electronic music responding to the motions of the juggler through the sensors attached to his body. The audience will experience the blurring of boundaries between what’s real and what’s fantastic. Also to be staged are Temazcal, the Mexican composer Javier Álvarez’s first piece written for electronic music and performing arts, and Serious Smile, a quartet by the German composer Alexander Schubert.