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2017 Taiwan International Music Festival --Tradition on the Wing In music

we trust

and transform.

4/15-23     Taipei, Yilan, Pingtung

4/15 Sat 19:30 Korea Focus/Asian Crush    Pingtung Performing Arts Center

4/17 Mon 19:30 A Moment for Music Pursuers—WANG Ying-chieh and TPMC  Forum Music

4/18 Tue 14:30 Korea Focus /Beyond the Border   YIlan Chiang Wei-shui Theater

4/20 Thu 19:30 Music, Circus, Electronic Vibe  Taipei City Music and Theater Center

4/22 Sat 14:30 Beyond the Border—Taiwan   Taipei City Music and Theater Center

4/22 Sat 19:30 Fifty Years of Glory—A Tribute to Sunflower Music Assembly  Taipei Hakka Music and Theater Center

4/23 Sun 19:30 A Journey of Sound: Taiwan to Hungary  Taipei City Music and Theater Center

4/23 Sun 14:30 Beyond the Border—Taiwan    Yilan Chiang Wei-shui Theater


For tickets please visit the website of NTCH Ticketing System. Events in Yilan admit only individuals with an entrance ticket of the NCFTA park.


*We reserve the right to change the programs without prior notice.