3PEOPLEMUSIC is a trio comprising three traditional Chinese musicians – guzheng player Kuo Min-chin, zhongruan player Pan I-tung and dizi/xiao artist Jen Chung. Combining their respective musical expertise and passion, the three individuals joined forces in November 2013 to pursue their dreams in chamber music.

3PEOPLEMUSIC focuses on producing or adapting original works, taking inspiration from daily life and personal revelations. The trio also rearranges folk tunes and traditional melodies to rebuild traditional music from a contemporary perspective.

From experimenting with a wide range of musical styles to composing music that string together memories from different eras, 3PEOPLEMUSIC remains the world's sole chamber music trio using the traditional Chinese instruments of guzheng, zhongruan, and dizi/xiao.

3PEOPLEMUSIC is known for innovative concerts, often devising new themes and incorporating different performances. The trio also partners with different musical artists and composers, staging joint performances and commissioning tailor-made compositions.

The three musicians also take great delight in touring different cities to shorten the distance between performers and audience members. Their actions have brought new possibilities to the field of traditional Chinese music as they constantly redefine what makes their music unique.

Some of their recent milestones include a 2014 collaborative performance with South Korean piri artist Gamin Kang in Taipei; a 2015 joint venture with Lanyang Dance Troupe at the 2015 World Music and Dance Festival in Hokkaido; and a special performance at the 2015 Bandu Music Festival in Shanghai.

In May 2016, 3PEOPLEMUSIC held its first major concert titled "3PEOPLEMUSIC & Friends Concert" at the National Theater and Concert Hall. The trio also released their eponymous debut album in 2016.