As an affiliated agency of the National Center for Traditional Arts that is dedicated to the promotion of traditional arts in Taiwan, the Taiwan Music Institute has been tasked with specifically cultivating local talent in the arena of music. To achieve this task, the Institute launched an innovative program in 2016 for talent cultivation titled "Mentor and Partnership Program" to strengthen global networks and build an international platform for composers and musicians to share their works and ideas.

The program aims to provide new opportunities for them to release their works and gain exposure through more sophisticated channels and networks. The emphasis on the interactions among artists, music, and their environment is also a unique approach considered to be the first of its kind in Taiwan. The training and coaching program is expected to generate output that will elevate Taiwan's music scene.

The program is offered through two categories – "Mentor" and "Partnership." The former targets young and promising composers and musicians by offering mentorship from the Institute’s international allies such as the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation in Hungary and Paris Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine.

The latter segment takes a different approach by providing the time and space for young composers and musicians to learn from one another. Composers and musicians selected for the "Partnership" portion of the program are paired for long-term collaboration to gain insight on their respective fields of composing and performing music. The program then ends with a public showcase of their collaboration.

The training and coaching results of the program are also incorporated into international festivals and concerts organized by the Institute, which is headquartered at the Xiqu Center of Taiwan. From mentorship and collaboration to public exposure, the talent cultivation program will help solidify the Institute's role as the driving force of music creation in Taiwan.

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