Special Winners

Lifetime Contribution Award: Publishing Category

Wang Hsu

【 Contributions 】
Mr. Hsu has performed hand puppet shows for more than 60 years. He can articulate well using simple but beautiful words. Also, he makes a compact but graceful speech with his perfect voice. His acting techniques for performing civil plays and martial arts are both lively and excellent. He is even good at impromptu performances and creating new plays. Mr. Hsu has a strong passion for passing down the art of the hand puppetry.
【 Meet the Winners 】
Wang Hsu is the head of Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater Troupe and a famous puppet theater master in Taiwan. He began learning the arts at the age of five, and became an assistant for the puppet theater troupe by the age of 13. Wang Hsu started his career in performing a leading role at the puppet theater in 1950 after an experienced master was unexpectedly unable to perform. Wang Hsu and his Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater Troupe have a history of nine decades since its establishment in 1913 by his father, Mr. Tien-Fu Hsu. The troupe has always been outstanding in the puppet theater field in Taiwan. Wang Hsu’s performance skills are exquisite yet unsophisticated, with graceful and elegant spoken parts, as well as brilliant and striking acting techniques. He has also created new operas. He can easily remember the scripts thanks to his excellent memory, and has never stopped being passionate about puppet theater performances for the past 70 years. He always works with the complete puppet theater music (or backstage) cast for many years, and performs in the classic puppet theater style with constant improvement. He has further been honored as the “Best Opera Performer” in the puppet theater by from his peer puppeteers, masters and fans.

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