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Lifetime Contribution Award: Publishing Category

Huo-Jung Chiu

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Huo-Jung Chiu has been devoted himself to Beiguan traditional opera for over 50 years. He now sighs emotionally at the disappearance of the traditional opera and the uneasy task of preserving it. At the age of 65, he decided to devote himself to the project for organizing the sophisticated musical scores of Chinese operas. This included sorting and recording Beiguan suona qupai, ranging from the traditional Chinese musical notation to the stave; singing and reading of qupai; recording instruments for demonstration, as well as recording gong and drum playing. This work was encouraged and supported by people from all fields. After he finished, he then devoted himself to organizing singing styles, covering various editions of singing styles such as Hsi-Lu and Ku-Lu. Having joined in professional Luan-tan troupes, puppet theater troupes, and Taiwanese opera troupes, Chiu has participated significantly in traditional opera performances in Taiwan for half a century. He is also a rarity among professional musicians in Taiwan who specializes in all fields, including Beiguan, Taiwanese opera, and puppet theater. Huo-Jung Chiu’s art style, vision and demeanor can be said to be the “leader, creator and organizer for the Beiguan arts.” In 2017, on the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Taipei National University of the Arts, Huo-Jung Chiu was specially presented with an honorary doctorate degree during the graduation ceremony on June 10. This demonstrates the highest respect toward his professional accomplishments and contributions.

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