Meet the Nominees

Beiguan Luantan Opera

Nominees Miaoli Culture Studio
NomineeMiaoli Culture Studio

【 Reason for Nomination 】
Miaoli Culture Studio has been working hard to preserve the traditional Taiwanese culture and its promotion, which has received lots of attention for its great efforts and effects. The album of the Beiguan Luantan Opera has conserved great value rich in cultural preservation!
【 Highlights 】
This album has been produced by Miaoli Culture Studio by taking advantage of the Gramophone record made by Melody Records, a record store established 50 years ago in 1959, and the album was released in 1960. After re-selecting some classical songs, the album went through a strict production to ensure a quality soundtrack. The music disc uses a laser disc as its carrier and it reproduces the amazing sounds of Beiguan Pa-yin Troupe of the Chen Family in Miaoli and that of Master Qing-Song Chen in 1959 through a recording. Hopefully, the launch of this album can contribute a little bit of effort in preserving the traditional music and its legacy, and in inspiring people to carry it forward.