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Playing the Role of God--Chen Chung-Sheng's Bamboo Flute Solo Collection

Nominees Bel Canto Musicale
NomineeBel Canto Musicale

【 Reason for Nomination 】
The Chinese bamboo flute player has come up with a masterpiece. In addition to the excellent performance skill, his unique musical style stands out among others in the orchestra and he also performs quite well. His music is cheerful as a lark and contains rich cultural connotations.
【 Highlights 】
The Chinese flute player Chung-Sheng Chen has devoted himself to teaching and researching the Chinese bamboo flute in recent years. Mr. Chen has written some teaching materials and has made a few new songs as well as designed and developed Chen’s semitone Chinese bamboo flute. He would like to reveal the beauty of the Chinese bamboo flute by launching this new album of his performance. This album has collected some of the most popular artworks such as “Playing the Role of God” that features the Beiguan style and mimics the sound of a suona horn with special performing skills to interpret its tones and tunes; the Taiwanese folk songs, “Bugs Teasing the Rooster” and “Pomegranate Blossom,” are presented in a bright tone with the bamboo flute with nimble techniques; the song “Kids” describes the naïve and naughty kids who like to play around and laugh heartily, and a song called “Riding a Horse Prancing through the Great Wall” displays the beautiful, soft and gentle technique of the Chinese bamboo flute.