Meet the Nominees

Formosa Reminiscence: Tyzen Hsiao Chamber Music Works/"The Formosa Trio" Op. 58

Nominees Tai-Ran Xiao

【 Reason for Nomination 】
The audio effect is rich in presenting colorful sounds and the orchestration is excellent. The musical lines are interwoven and piled up in layers. The music is rich in emotions and romantic feelings, using the traditional technique of music composition to reveal the supreme artistic qualities.
【 Highlights 】
The composer Tyzen Hsiao was born in Kaohsiung in 1938 and he passed away in Los Angeles in 2015. His mother Xue-Yun Lin Hsiao was a pianist who used to study abroad in Japan at early times. Therefore, Tyzen Hsiao was born into an environment to learn church music and Western classical music during his childhood. When he was 5 years old, his mother taught him how to play the piano. After a few years, he was influenced by Tsang-Houei Hsu and started to learn how to create musical compositions in addition to learning the piano. In 1977, he migrated to the United States and dedicated his whole life to the Taiwanese local music by integrating it with Western music composition. Some of his major works are: The Vagabond, I Love Taiwan and Wanderer is Home, etc..