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God Of The Mountain

Nominees Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.
Nominee Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.

【 Reason for Nomination 】
This album combines the Catholic hymns with some elements of the Paiwan Tribe. By introducing the Western instruments as the accompaniment to this album, with the voice sung in the Paiwan language, the music of the deep mountain seemingly can reach heaven. Apart from showing humans' loyalty and veneration to God, this album also demonstrates great creativity in each musical performance as well.
【 Highlights 】
This is the first album of hymns recording the chant of the Paiwan Tribe, which is performed by the members of the Joy Choir and the flute player Pei Hua. The national top-class guitar player Roberto Zayas from South America, the pianist Denise Yuen and the record producer Xin-Min Lu have been invited to work on the musical arrangement together for this album. The melody of the ancient tune has been re-arranged and become a new song rich in rhythm. The soft elegant sound of the flute is like the light traveling back and forth in the world of music. The natural voice of the Joy Choir is incorporated into this album to make all listeners feel as if standing in the midst of mountain, watching all the creatures dance and rise up in nature to sing and praise the Creator. In addition to eight hymns of the Paiwan Tribe, this album also includes Czarna Madonna and the work of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the son of the Father of Music, Johann Sebastian Bach. With the prayer of members of the Joy Choir, the Prayer for Blessing Taiwan has been finally recorded. The musical arrangements are rich in emotion. Its style combines western classical music, jazz, aboriginal traditional dancing rhythm and south American-style music as well as the contemporary worship gospel music. It also has incorporated the original Japanese tune and melody previously sung in verse creating a diversified style of cross-cultural cooperation and fusion. It praises the fertile Formosa Island, its cultural diversity and fusion of the ethnic groups as well as the open-mindedness and tolerance on this island, just like how God tolerates everything from mankind for God’s mercy makes people feel warm. The music in God of the Mountain conveys more than just belief through chants and performance. It shows humanity, warmth and love in the hopes that this album can bring the most natural, transparent light and grace to this world.