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Xuan-Huang Shi--With the Style

Nominees Sunrise Int'l Entertainment Corp.
NomineeSunrise Int'l Entertainment Corp.

【 Reason for Nomination 】
The tenor Xuan-Huang Shi works with the guitar player Yi-Fang Ko by integrating the vocal music into the sound of a guitar. Through excellent skills and the pure sound of music, he has interpreted the classical music and baroque music quite well with a soft and tender touch. By integrating the fine music through excellent recording, this album sounds even more attractive and appealing to everyone.
【 Highlights 】
Xuan-Huang Shi is the only tenor in Taiwan who specializes in Early Music. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music at University of London, he came back to Taiwan and has dedicated his time to promoting the singing techniques of vocal music and the interpretation of musical styles in Early Music after his graduation. This album is his first personal album released after his return to Taiwan. It has collected plenty of major composers’ works and collections--the works of Dowland and Purcell--from the late British Renaissance to the Baroque period. Meanwhile, it also collects some songs of Schubert, the King of Songs, such as four Italian Serenades. All songs are played by the Doctor of Guitar, Ms. Yi-Fang Ko, who uses the syntax of Early Music to play the music and mimic the way of playing the lute and mandolin for musical accompaniment. This album is dedicated to all friends who love the Early Music and classical guitar.