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Playing the Role of God--Chen Chung-Sheng's Bamboo Flute Solo Collection

Nominees Chung-Sheng Chen
NomineePlaying the Role of God--Chen Chung-Sheng's Bamboo Flute Solo Collection

【 Reason for Nomination 】
This album uses the performance of the Chinese orchestra as the carrier to present the charm of Taiwan traditional drama and the everyday life of civil folks. Within the atmosphere of joyful and thrilling music, it portrays the touching qualities of lyrical ballads.
【 Highlights 】
Chung-Sheng Chen was born in Yunlin County in 1956. He started to learn playing the bamboo flute when he was 11 years old. He successfully passed the entrance exam to Taichung Junior Teachers College (today’s National Taichung University of Education) and joined the Chinese Orchestra Club when he was 15 years old. In 1973, he made it to the finals of a musical competition in Taiwan by playing his own song with the bamboo flute, The Great Mountain, and won the second place in the senior high students group for pipe instruments under the category of the Chinese Music. He then went to Mr. Tscheng-Hsiung Chen and asked the teacher to teach him how to play a western flute in 1974. He also learned the theories of music from Deh-Ho Lai. In 1981, after taking a transfer exam, he went to study at the Department of Music at Soochow University. He majored in theoretical composition and he was the student of Shui-long Ma and Yen Lu. The Chinese Orchestra music he writes combines the traditional and modern western music, and applies the Chinese and Taiwanese music to create fusion and innovations, which stands out among his peers. He has made a few breakthroughs in his compositions for the bamboo flute and vertical bamboo flute, and enables innovation through his works. He was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Youths of Taiwan for his musical achievements in 1992 and he received a musical award of the Zhong Xing Culture and Art Award in 1998.