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"Lí Sam-Niâ"

Nominees Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe
NomineeShintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe

【 Reason for Nomination 】
This compilation of ancient koa-á-hì is redolent with the flavor of Chinese classics. The eloquent singing of the performers brings out the full refinement of this performing art.
【 Highlights 】
Based upon the Nanxi opera "The White Rabbit," "Lí Sam-Niâ" tells of the marriage between Lâu Chai-Óan and Lí Sam-Niâ, harsh treatment from Lâu's older brother and his wife, Lâu's time in the military, Lí giving birth in a mill, and, 17 years later, a chance encounter between mother and child by a well that finally brings the family back together. Rewritten into this Taiwanese form by opera diva Liao Chiung-chih, "Lí Sam-Niâ" builds on memories of early indoor koa-á-hì and her familiarity with the improvisational nature of early koa-á-hì scripts written in phonetic Taiwanese. Walking a traditional line, the conflicts, interpersonal dialogues, linkages between scenes, singing, and physical performances are all firmly built on tradition. That is to say, the traditional characters and plays use the most authentic methods, bringing together a performance that is rich with both ancient tradition and the unique narrative techniques of koa-á-hì. It is also a showcase for Liao's time-honed artistic style and an elegant continuation of tradition. Liao's apprentice Zhang Meng-yi appears as a well-versed and refined dan, especially in the touching birth scene. The other youthful players, including Ellvan Ku, Liao Yu-qi, Jiang Ting-ying, and Wang Tai-ling, are also rising stars in the koa-á-hì scene.