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"Through Darkness to the Light"

Nominees Taipei Male Choir
NomineeTaipei Male Choir

【 Reason for Nomination 】
The unique combination of a male choir with percussion instruments and a pipe organ, as well as the diverse creations of three composers from different countries, come together as a visionary album. The album features local musicians and producers in collaboration with international ones, and a world-class record company was responsible for the recording and the promotion of the album, which show that the production team had impression vision and foresight.
【 Highlights 】
"Through Darkness to the Light" is the choir’s first collaborative album with Germany’s male vocal ensemble Die Singphoniker. Released worldwide by German classical music label CPO, the album's theme is "coming out of the darkness to greet the light." On one hand, the album contains multiple meanings, including dichotomy, Christian theology and customs, numerology, Zen theory, cultural diversity, and the ultimate concern for life. On the other hand, the three suites of songs are metaphors of one's life path – an inner world where darkness and light coexist, the endless search for a direction in life, and entry to the heavenly kingdom that is filled with love and light.