Meet the Nominees

"Homage to My Homeland"

Nominees ArchiMusic Production Co., Ltd.
NomineeArchiMusic Production Co., Ltd.

【 Reason for Nomination 】
This album features chamber music of various tunes and styles that were composed by several renowned local musicians to present the diverse beauty of this island nation. By selecting songs of moderate difficulty, this album can be appreciated by all members of the general public. It also exemplifies how chamber music can have mass appeal when high-quality instrumental performance, recording, and accompanying imagery are present.
【 Highlights 】
"Homage to My Homeland" marks a story of the past, present, and future. Musicians use musical notes to recall memories before writing down their recollections and projections about the island through music. Two songs written by Ko Fang-lung, "Sounding of the Gong" and "Four Hakka Ballads," recall the good old days. "Highlander's Suite" by Tyzen Hsiao and Ko's "Sacrifice," on the other hand, depict moments from different times. Finally, there are Chien Nan-chang's "String Quartet," "158 Percussion Ensemble," and "Ma Ma Sonata," which seek to predict the future path. This album is dedicated to the drifting souls who seek to settle down and Taiwan, the mother we all embrace.