Meet the Nominees

"Listening! II"

Nominees Wang Chao-hui
NomineeTaipei Chamber Singers

【 Reason for Nomination 】
Wang Chao-hui maintains his usual high standards when recording this album for Taipei Chamber Singers, using sharp contrast to ensure that the best balance is achieved among different parts of the choir. This album sets a great example for future choral performance recordings to come.
【 Highlights 】
"Listening! II" features classics and contemporary songs, as well as beautiful songs that have crossed time and genres, leaving behind deep impressions and bringing hearts together. The powerful and explosive opening song, "Ghost Lake Lovers," showcases the rich emotions in aboriginal music. The song begins with a distant male voice that is richly layered, and is followed by female singers performing the main melody of the song. The second song, "Dawn of Spring," is an outstanding choral piece by Chinese-American composer Chen Yi, who uses modern human voices and other sound effects to bring to life the rich scenery portrayed in Tang Dynasty poet Meng Hao-ran's five-character quatrains. The album makes listeners feel as if they are listening to a live choir. Just the first two songs are already brilliant enough to demonstrate the success of the recording team.