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◎ sign for the time: 2016/07/01 ~ 2016/07/31
◎ Recruitment object:
1, the traditional and art audio publishing business and its practitioners.
Second, opera performing arts groups and their practitioners.
Third, the traditional and art of audio publishing business and the performing arts have special contributions or achievements of groups or individuals.
The above-mentioned businesses and organizations shall be legally registered as legal persons, organizations or lines of business. The above-mentioned personnel and individuals shall not, except as otherwise provided in these Measures, have any nationality.
◎ Selection groups and projects:
First, the publishing category
(A) Album Award:
1. Best Traditional Music Album Award.
2. Best Art Music Album Award.
3. Best cross-border music album award.
4. Best Traditional Performing Art Video Awards:
To China's traditional performing arts video content for the publication of works.
5. Best Religious Music Album Award:
A variety of religious use of etiquette music and non-etiquette music singing or playing works album.

(B) individual awards:
1. Best Creative Award:
The creator of a musical composition, including a composer, lyricist or arranger.
2. Best Album Producer Award:
In the music album of the overall planning and co-ordinate the selection, interpretation, recording and other aspects of outstanding performance.
3. Best Interpretation Award:
To perform, sing, direct, or other means of expression, appropriate interpretation of the contemporary creation of art music, Western classical repertoire or traditional Chinese music, drama, rap and other works of musical grammar.
4. Best Recording Award:
With excellent recording technology to support the recording of music, can faithfully present the original content of the music content, and contribute to its artistic ascension.

(C) Special Award:
Or a group or person who has a special contribution and achievement to the traditional and art audio publishing business or should be encouraged.

Second, opera performance categories:
(A) the best group annual performance award:
To perform the form of performing arts as a performance of the work.
(B) the best individual performance Rookie Award:
Performing arts in the field of performance with the potential of the quality of the new generation of performers, and the age of 40 years of age or engaged in performing professional opera within ten years.
(C) the best actor of the year award:
Refers to the annual special performance skills show, the role of interpretation, performing energy and other aspects of the performance of the most outstanding, unique, comprehensive.
(4) Special Award:
A group or individual that has a special contribution and achievements to the relevant fields of the performing arts of the opera or should be encouraged.

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