Beiguan Luantan Opera

WinnersWork / Miaoli Culture Studio Winners/Miaoli Culture Studio

Hero and Destiny--Günther Herbig and National Symphony Orchestra

WinnersWork / Muse Art and Culture Management Co. Ltd. Winners/Muse Art and Culture Management Co. Ltd.

The Voice of Nature--Tshang Yang Gya Tsho

WinnersWork / Wind Music International Corporation Winners/Wind Music International Corporation

Hakka Opera: The Prime Minister of Six States—Su Qin

WinnersWork / Rom Shing Workshop Winners/Rom Shing Workshop

God Of The Mountain

WinnersWork / Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd. Winners/ Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.

Playing the Role of God

WinnersWork / Chung-Sheng Chen Winners/Playing the Role of God--Chen Chung-Sheng's Bamboo Flute Solo Collection

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