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“Tradition” offers a connotation of historical legacy whereas “art” is a production of aesthetics that has been created out of humans’ life. The Golden Melody Awards was first held in 1990 and now it is heading to its 27th session. Starting from the 18th session, new awards such as the Traditional Music Award and Art Music Award have been added, and they have been held independently from the Pop Music Awards, which highlights the spirit of independence of the tradition and arts. Since 2014, the National Center for Traditional Arts has been in charge of holding each ceremony and finding reviewers to join the awards for Traditional Arts and Music. The official title of the awards thus has been finalized as “The Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music.”
The National Center for Traditional Arts aims to increase people’s understanding of the establishment of these particular awards, help the professionals gain recognition from those who work in the field of traditional arts and unite them, offers more chances of exposure for the nominees to share their glory with others. After we took over the business as requested, the National Center for Traditional Arts continues to add a series of incentives, such as “the Recording Award” to honor those who has great influence over the music publishing industry. In addition, since the 27th session, “the Best Actor or Actress Award of the Year” has been added to fulfill the request from the performing industry, and to make sure that each award is connected to the industrial trends. The Center would like to encourage those who work for the traditional arts by presenting them these awards, so that everyone can see the results of their hard work.
In addition, the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music is dedicated to build a platform for all the nominated teams and winners with excellent performances where they could share and prosper. This platform works on increasing the efficiency of promoting the campaigns and establishes a follow-up system to foster the teams or troupes with promising potentials to help the professional artists who have been actively working hard in the field of the traditional performing arts for a very long time gain recognition and support from the general public. In addition, this center also holds a “Praise of the Nominees” party before the ceremony starts to gather all nominees and traditional art workers, so that the spirit of traditional arts and music can be fully exerted through art discourses among the artists. Therefore, the tradition can be passed down to later generations. The National Center for Traditional Arts could also help all art workers grow and support each other on their way to create artworks and pass down this tradition.
The 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music adopts a series of activities based on the theme of “legacy and discourse” with a hope that the traditional arts can be interpreted well through a discourse between the modern and traditional arts. Furthermore, a new form of art life which is different from the past ones could be re-explored and developed in the modern cultural system. It urges us to pass down the aesthetic genes of traditional arts, to cultivate talents who can take over the business from older generations, and to explore future development, which corresponds to the supreme goal of the establishment of these awards. Hopefully, the new talents can work hard together and keep carrying forward the traditional arts that symbolizes the culture of Taiwan.

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